Welcome to Knighton Neighbourhood Forum’s website.

The Forum has been designated by the City Council. This means that the Knighton Neighbourhood Forum is recognised by Leicester City Council as the designated Neighbourhood Forum for the Knighton Neighbourhood Area. This has taken longer than we expected. We have set up working groups to work on the topics for the Neighbourhood Plan. The first is on Transport, the second on Open Spaces, Sports and Leisure, and we are now setting up one on the Local Economy. The last Annual General Meeting was on 28th February 2017. The next open meeting is on 11th July.

Neighbourhood Plans were introduced by the government under the Localism Act 2011. This act allows parish and town councils in rural areas and Neighbourhood Forums in cities in England to create their own Neighbourhood Plan that contains planning policies that must be taken into account by the Planning Authority when making decisions about planning applications. Since 2011, hundreds of parish and town councils and neighbouthood forums have begun the process of creating their own plans. A map on the Neighbourhood Planner website shows the locations of these.

Christmas Walk – 28th December 2017

Walk off all that Christmas food and drink (well some of it anyway) by joining other members of Knighton Neighbourhood Forum for a walk in the park on 28th December between 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm.  Meet at the Palmerston Way Car Park.  

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Cradock – Quiz

Looking for ways to make contact with people in Knighton, a small group recently took part in the regular Tuesday night quiz at the Cradock. Having enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, we asked if there would be any chance of holding a Knighton themed round. Rob, the...

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Christmas Meal – 6th December 2017

Join us for a Christmas evening meal to celebrate all that the Knighton Neighbourhood Forum has achieved this year. Limit of 20 spaces; to book your place, please pay a deposit of £10 and choose your 2-course (£19.95) or 3-course (£24.95) meal. You can pay at a Forum...

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Talk on Lutyens – 30th November 2017

The next free talk organised by the Leicester Urban Observatory will be delivered by Tim Skelton on Thursday 30th November 2017 and will focus on ‘Edwin Lutyens and The Great War’. Tim has written on a wide range of subjects, including travel and history, and is the...

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Fifth Annual Low Carbon Lecture – 21st November 2017

The City Council is hosting the Fifth Annual Low Carbon Lecture. The Keynote speaker is Mark Watts, Executive Director of C40, a network of 91 of the worlds mega cities who are seeking to address climate change. He will speak on "Tackling the Climate Crisis - Lessons...

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Transport Working Group – November 2017

The next Transport Working Group meeting will be 7:00pm on Tuesday, 28th November – currently it will be at Knighton Parish Centre (Cottage meeting room) although the location might be suject to change. The focus will be cycling. The last meeting of the Transport...

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CrowdFund Leicester

Leicester City Council has launched a new scheme for funding community projects.  They have partnered with SpaceHive to set up a crowdfunding platform.  This means that projects get publicised on a web page with a target figure for funding.  members of the public can...

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