What stage have we reached in Knighton?

The Forum has been designated by the City Council.  This means that the Knighton Neighbourhood Forum is recognised by Leicester City Council as the designated Neighbourhood Forum for the Knighton Neighbourhood Area.  This has taken longer than we expected. We are setting up working groups to work on the topics for the Neighbourhood Plan.  The first is on Transport, and we are now setting up the next on Open Spaces, Sports and Leisure.  The Annual General Meeting will be on 28th February 2017.

A consultant has been working on a profile of Knighton using data from the Census and other public sources to understand our Neighbourhood and help us think about what is needed in the area for the Neighbourhood Plan.  We plan to publicise this profile in the late summer/early autumn 2017.

A launch meeting with elections of officers was held on 26th January 2016. Sir Peter Soulsby spoke at the meeting and welcomed the creation of the Knighton Neighbourhood Forum.

Membership is open to anyone who lives, works or is a councillor for the Designated Area, which was approved by the City Council, following a six-week consultation held in September and October 2015.  Minor changes to the area that was publicised were made following the consultation.

Following the meeting on 26th January, the Steering Committee organised a series of meetings around Knighton to talk about issues and understand what people think is good and not so good about Knighton.

The Steering Committee is now making links with other local organisations and bodies such as schools in the area, developing ideas for policies to discuss with residents and planning for a more detailed consultation exercise.  Other Neighbourhood Plans in Leicestershire and Rutland have been developed with the support of consultants, and the Steering Committee has engaged a consultant to produce an initial profile of the area, which will be shared with people in Knighton later in 2017.

Two working groups have been established, and a third is about to be launched, to look at topics that willl be part of the Neighbourhood Plan.  These are on Transport, Open Spaces Sports and Leisure and the Local Economy.