The City Council is running a consultation that opened on 15th July 2019 and runs until 11th August 2019.  The consultation is about the Public Spaces Protection Orders that they have in place to prevent dogs fouling or causing a nuisance in public spaces.

There are 3 Dog Control orders, and all are due to expire on 1st December 2019 unless the proposal to extend is supported. The Council is only legally permitted to extend the PSPO orders for 3 years at any one time but there is no limit on the number of times these can be extended.

Current PSPO Dog Control Orders

  1. Dog Fouling
  2. Exclusion Areas
  3. Dogs on Leads

Full copies of the existing orders can be found within the consultation pages, alongside the Council’s evidence-based report on the proposal to extend which can be found at the bottom of the opening consultations page.

Knighton residents may be interested in commenting on the consultation, which is here: