The Conservation and Heritage Working Group held its fourth meeting on 30th May 2019.

The main item on the agenda was a discussion of the work the City Council is carrying out in relation to a character appraisal of the Knighton Village Conservation Area.  The planning officer who is doing the work explained what is being done and went through the draft appraisal.

Following on from the previous meeting, it was reported that producing design codes would not be appropriate, as they are intended for areas with larger housing developments, but design guidelines could be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

There was a discussion of the recent walk round West Knighton, with an overall comment that the area contained more green space than members had expected.

One of the members presented a couple of Powerpoint presentations of photos he had taken in the area that captured the significant buildings of Knighton and the essential characteristics of the area, which included a lot of details of buildings that added interest to those buildings.

The next walk will be round the Conservation Area to follow up this meeting, and will meet at 7.00 pm on Friday 28th June outside College Court on Knighton Road.