Knighton Forum is sharing this recently received message from Voluntary Action LeicesterShire (VAL).


We at VAL are working out how we work with partners across Leicester and
Leicestershire to support people during this time of national crisis
with the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

We are currently trying to contact as many groups/volunteers as
possible, and this may result in us sending you duplicate emails. Please
accept our apologies in advance.

*Recruiting Volunteers*

As a result, we are asking any volunteers who could potentially offer
support to their local communities to register with our VAL Volunteering
website and to provide details of previous skills and experience they
may have to help us best direct them to specific opportunities:

*Supporting Volunteer Involving Organisations*

Obviously the other side of this is working out which organisations are
still taking volunteers on at this time, so we are also asking
volunteering involving organisations to complete a form with some
details to help us work out where we can best direct potential
volunteers and to identify organisations that are not taking volunteers
during this period:

*Supporting Groups*

We are also aware that many local groups and charities will have a
variety of different needs during this difficult time. We will continue
to offer support to you as best we can during this time. Please contact
us via email at
<mail to  with any specific questions.

Thanks for taking the time to look at these points with us. We’re keen
to see how we can all work together to support people through this
difficult time and will keep you posted on developments in our work locally.