Leicester City Council is creating a Local Plan for Leicester.  This will define the City’s development policies for the period up to 2032.

What you can do…

The Council carried out a consultation on the Local Plan in 2017.  We are now waiting to see the result of this consultation and ensure that we can align the Neighbourhood Plan to policies in the Local Plan.

During the consultation we produced a summary about the Local Plan and what it means for Knighton.  If you are interested, you can read the documents that make up the consultation. We have produced a diagrammatic guide that explains the various parts of the consultation document set.

The consultation, links to all the documents and details of exhibitions about the Local Plan can be found on the City Council’s Consultation site.  The consultation closed on 31st October 2017.  The Forum discussed the Local Plan consultation at an Open Meeting on 17th October 2017.

Our response can be found here.


The Council consulted on the Leicester Local Plan 2016 – 2031 Sustainability Appraisal Including Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report, which sets the context for the Local Plan and specifies a number of existing policies and plans that apply and legislation that needs to be taken into account.  That consultation closed on 5th December 2016.

Officers from the Planning Department of the City Council spoke about the Local Plan at the meeting of the Forum on Tuesday 20th September 2016.