Local Plan Consultation 2017

The following diagram shows the Local Plan documents that are part of the current consultation (in the green box at the bottom right) and also shows other documents and sources of information that have been used in reaching the proposals in the Local Plan Emerging Options document. Each of the items in this diagram is hyperlinked to the relevant document or web page. Click on the relevant item to go to that document or web page.

Existing Adopted Planning Policy Core Strategy 2014 Local Plan 2006 Saved Policies Supplementary Planning Documents


NPPF Local Plan Scoping Report Planning Policy Evidence Base Green Space Strategy

The top box is the existing policy that is in place for Leicester City Council.

Below that on the right is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2016 and the Housing & Economic Development Needs Assessment, which represent the supply and demand aspects of housing in and around Leicester.

On the left are other policies, frameworks, strategies etc, including the National Planning Policy Framework, other policies that affect the Local Plan, the current evidence base and strategies, and other Leicester City strategies, such as the Green Space Strategy, which we think is particularly important.

On the bottom right are the documents that the City Council is currently consulting on. The Draft Development Management Policies are influenced by existing policy and the frameworks, strategies etc., and assessed by the Sustainability Assessment document. The SHLAA influences the potential Development Sites and the Sites Methodology by which they assess them. The Draft Development Management Policies and potential Development Sites then feed into the Emerging Options.

We suggest that the key documents are the Emerging Options, the Development Management Policies and the Development Sites. It is important that people express their views, so please take part in the consultation.