Since the launch of the Forum, we have:

  • run three local meetings in different parts of the area;
  • run a workshop on policy writing;
  • got formal designation of the Forum by the City Council;
  • built links with local schools;
  • obtained some funding for the Forum and are seeking more;
  • engaged a consultant to help us with the Neighbourhood Plan;
  • started working groups to look at the topics in the Neighbourhood Plan;
  • responded to the City Local Plan Consultation;
  • produced a Baseline Report on Knighton.

Bike Racks in Knighton – Update October 2018

Back in December 2017, two of our members put a proposal on behalf of the Forum to the Ward Community Budget for some money to install bike racks outside Knighton Corner Stores after it became a local Post Office, to encourage people to cycle locally. We have heard...

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Get more involved…

Getting more involved with Knighton Neighbourhood Forum Everyone seems to have a busy life, so we appreciate that you have come along to a meeting or visited our website to support our local community, find out more and contribute to discussion. Would you have the...

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Cradock – Quiz

Looking for ways to make contact with people in Knighton, a small group recently took part in the regular Tuesday night quiz at the Cradock. Having enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, we asked if there would be any chance of holding a Knighton themed round. Rob, the...

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Local Plan Meeting October 2017

The Local Plan Working Group has met twice to consider the documents published by the City Council as part of the Leicester Local Plan consultation.  The proposed response is summarised in this report: Knighton Forum Local Plan Consultation Responses 2017. The next...

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Local Plan Sites Walks – September 2017

Join us on a walk round Knighton to look at some of the sites that the Council has listed as Potential Development Sites. We will be walking round West Knighton on Sunday 10th September, at 3.00pm, meeting outside the Co-op, and round the East part of Knighton on Sunday 17th September, at 3.00pm, meeting at the Palmerston Way Car Park at Knighton Park.

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