Knighton Neighbourhood Forum

Notes of Local Plan Working Group (LLPWG) Meeting 1

Knighton Parish Centre

7:30pm on Monday,6th September 2017

1. Introductions, apologies

Attendees introduced themselves.

2. Discussion of Local Plan Consultation documents

The discussion of Leicester City Council’s Local Plan consultation documents was facilitated by Planning Consultant Paul Tebbitt. Paul tabled a background document that summarised the purpose of the Council’s Local Plan, the timetable for its production and its relationship to Knighton’s Neighbourhood Plan. The document listed a number of Key topics with related issues and questions that were used to structure the LLPWG discussion.

3. Potential sites for housing development

Ten potential sites for new housing development have been listed in the Council’s ‘potential development sites’ document, with maps and information about their size, ownership, 2006 Local Plan allocation/designation and relevant site characteristics such a flood risk and any biodiversity or heritage designation.  Only sites larger than 0.5 hectares are listed.

In summary, the only site for which development was supported by the meeting was the site of Mary Gee Houses, at 101-107 Ratcliffe Road. This site is owned by Leicester University and has been designated for approximately 60 units of residential housing.

The merits and suitability for development of each site were discussed. This site information will be collated in table form to assist the site investigations organised by Knighton Forum. These are scheduled for 3:00pm on Sunday 10th September (West Knighton) and at 3:00pm on Sunday 17th September (South and East Knighton).

4. Housing Mix

The LLPWG began considering what Housing Mix should be specified on sites allocated for housing development, including on other smaller sites and ‘windfall’ sites. Corresponding Development Management Policies were discussed. The meeting was broadly in support of a balanced mix of good quality housing, with a particular need for smaller units for older residents who wish to down-size and ‘starter homes’.

Policies for minimum space standards and accessibility including wheelchair accessibility were discussed. A separate policy for Knighton may be needed if these policies do not feature in the final, adopted version of the Local Plan.

5. Design of new development, Conservation Areas

The meeting started a discussion of Development Management Policies that encourage high quality of developments.  The Forum supports developments that respect Knighton’s character and appearance in terms of scale, height, density, layout and good architecture.

There are local concerns about backland developments and protection of amenity.  The likely need to review the boundaries of existing conservation areas with a view to including more properties was also mentioned.

Are there any important local buildings that are not listed that should be considered non-designated heritage assets? The art deco pavilion sited on the Welford Road Sports Ground was cited as a potential candidate.

This discussion was curtailed by lack of time and will be continued in the next meeting.

6. Actions

1 Collate attributes of proposed development sites to assist local site visits Geoff
2 Summarise discussion so far and produce first draft of a responses to the Council’s Consultation for approval at a Forum public meeting on 17th October Paul
3 Circulate notes of meeting to attendees and collate feedback Geoff

7. Next meeting

The next LLPWG meeting will be 7:00pm on Wednesday, 20th September at Knighton Parish Centre.